I do believe that mankind should be a space-faring  species because this is most probably the only way towards the survival of our species.

We can never survive the next thousand years if we are just confined in this planet, or if we are just locked into the confines and premises of this world, of this planet. Yes, I’ve recently watched Interstellar for the nth time and with it I grew fonder of science and all the possibilities it has to offer to us humans.

outer space photo

We need to be more than this because we are made to discover things, we are made to break barriers and to go beyond the frontiers of what limits this world. We need to learn how to risk things because it would be a very rewarding thing if we are to succeed in the things that we do.

Don’t get me wrong. I love our dear earth! We have devised means to travel this world efficiently both in the land, water, and air. At solid ground level, we can do with bikes to buses, a casual taxi ride to a luxurious limo rental (I was never fond of these before, but after my first ride with Inland Empire Limousines on my cousin’s wedding, it just made me look forward to another one for a bachelor’s party for anyone in my circle of friends), private cars to commuting through public transportation. Other means are through the vast waters of the earth. It’s the same story though: from small boats to ocean cruises to the military fleet. And on the air, we have numerous vessels already that can literally take us to distant places ranging from a few minutes to a few hours.

The earth has indeed become smaller.

I do believe that we need to go beyond the surface of this world, and to go to outer space, to spread our species there, to colonize new world, search for new worlds, or even stumble on intelligent life out there. We may never know what is out there, but we may know that we have what it takes to go there.