The Whirlpool of Time

We  are living in a world, in a universe that goes in tandem with time.

Time is the one thing which serves as a measurement of whatever we do, and unknown to us we are travelling through not only space itself, but also through  time itself.

Time is what enables us to see the beauty of this world, the wonder of this world, of this universe, because this is  the reality of everything.

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Space and time are the two fundamental ingredients of reality. Space is what we see, what we feel, what we touch, what we experience, and  what we live on. Time is what we live in, where we flow on, what we do, time is ourselves.

I do believe that this is a topic which is very deep, a topic which is incomprehensible to the human mind, that even I, is having a very hard time on thinking of what am I writing, but fortunately there came a grasp of bright light that have flickered on my hypothalamus.

The whirlpool of time which I am referring to is the one which enables us to see the reality of things in this universe, and that things are happening due to the interconnection of this reality that I am referring to. As we live our lives, we are interacting with space, and this is the most obvious part of it, but unknown to us, subconsciously, we are interacting with time, more.

This is because that whatever we do, there is a result of it and it connects  us to the future. It is the fabric of space and time, and it is the one that enables us too see the future, through forecasting something or perhaps projecting it. We look at what we have done now,  we look at what we have worked on, we analyze it, we comprehend on it, we think of it, and we measure what will happen to us in the future.

This is the whirlpool of time, it is very hard to understand, but when we get to, it is easier to sink in deep into our souls. The whirlpool of time is what we should learn because we are living in it, we are living our lives in it, and we are doing the best of what we can to understand it, because we are here. We are living in the strands of space and time. This is what makes us human.


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