Learning from Your Experiences

Our experiences are the ones that teaches us on what to do. They are our teachers that guides us through life because it lets us experience the things that we need to experience in order to grow, to mature, and refrain from doing the wrong things, simply because we have experienced it ourselves.

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Learn from your experiences because through this, will you see the truth of life, the reality of life and of the world, that you need to learn and to experience it before hand, before you do something in the future.

Wisdom plays a vital role in this because learning from your experiences teaches you the things that you should do next time. It may be that you are thinking  and confused  on what you need to do to pass  your exam. Do you need to cheat, or do you need to study? The answer lies on you.

It may be that you have already experienced cheating, and because of it, you thought of opting out that option because possibly, when you cheat, you will then again be caught by your teacher, just like what happened before. So here, you can see that you refrain on doing something if you think that it will result to something bad or something negative. So might as well just study for your exam, or for your test.

This is the principle of life, this is the one which guides us and enables us too improve and harness our skill of discernment, wherein we are able to know what is right from wrong, and that through this learning right from wrong, we create a better world.

So the older we get, the wiser get, simply because we have more experiences than the others who are younger than us. Experience goes hand in hand with time, because as time flies by, so does experience. But it does not mean that when you are older, you are wiser than the  other one, because maybe, it may be that the other younger person have done so much more than you, because you are just in your house sitting down, watching movies, eating popcorn, and not doing  anything with your life.

This shows to us that experience makes our lives more meaningful, it opens us to the truth of the world, it makes us see the beauty  and wonder of the world because we have so much potential hidden within us.

Learn from your  experiences and master this world.


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