Having Good Time and Bad Times

Of course,  our lives are not perfect.  Sometimes, we get to experience the good times, sometimes we get to experience the bad times.

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This is  normal and  in whichever we may find our selves situated  in, let us not forget that we are only there for a temporary moment in time.  What  we need to do is that we should be able to prepare ourselves to  whatever what may happen, because we will never know on what will happen to us.

The odds may turn on us or sometimes it maybe on our favor.  This is the reality of life, the truth of life, of which we  should take notice of. Let us savor the good times that we have, make the most out of it, be happy, have fun, and release all  your  problems because this is the time for  you to enjoy.

On the other hand, if you are having bad times, what you need to do is that you should not be procrastinating, well, it is normal to worry, but you should be optimistic, you should see it within yourself that you are going to get over this challenge, this problem, this trial in your life, because this will not happen to you forever. You can solve this, and that you can do something  with it. Do not surrender, do not give up, do not give up the  fight, because this is the thing that will enable you to be better and to be more than who you really are.

If you have bad time or if you are having  a bad time, compose yourself, do not be too negative because if you are too negative, what will happen is that  you will have a hard time in getting out. You will find it very difficult to go beyond it and to finish this miserable streak that you are in. Learn to solve it, think, use  your critical thinking skills and see to it that you have what it takes to go beyond these trials in your life.

Because once you have finished those bad times, what will happen is again the opposite of it. You hard work would then pay off, and you will be truly rewarded because of  it. You will be rewarded because you are going to see that you have made it, which will surely increase your self confidence.

Having good times and bad times, this is life.


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