Venturing into the Oblivion

We may never know what the future has in store for us. We may never know what will happen to us in the future. We do not know the future and we will never see the future, but  there is tat something that we can do, and that is by forecasting it.

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Well we need to do forecasting simply by having a goal, a plan, a destination, a success route to which we can go beyond the unknown and see the beauty unfold right in front of our very selves when we finally get into the  oblivious future.

Oblivion means the uncertainty of what lies ahead of us, which is why we need to be capable of preparing ourselves, readying ourselves, and seeing to it that we are here for a purpose and that we are here for something greater, we are here to show to the world that we can make it and that w can conquer whatever problems and challenges there is, simply because we believe in ourselves.

We need to not be scared of what lies ahead of us, because we have been living our lives just like that. We may not know it but we are  doing it right now. We are moving forward through time and we do not know what will happen to us tomorrow,  next week, next month, or next year, or whatever time that is. Well, we may have some insights but time just makes us see the world differently, and that it can  change and vary greatly.

Venture into the oblivion and see to it that you are  in for a very good ride because the oblivious future is not really that bad, something you just need a little dose of optimism and that thing called positive  thinking. Do not be clouded by all of those  presumptions that goes to you, because these presumptions are what limits you, these are what stops you from your tracks. These are the things that makes the journey  for you harder. You need to stop this, and you need to think of the brighter side of life, the lighter side of life, because when you do this, what will happen is that the chances of you venturing into the oblivion and putting yourself in a wonderful  situation would skyrocket  to a maximum.

Just trust in yourself,  listen to what your heart tells you, and learn to adapt to whatever  situation you may be in now.



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