Going Beyond Frontiers

We are living in a world that has limits, and that each limit has its own purpose because these limits are the ones that stop us  so that we can still perfect ourselves before we go to the next stage of our lives, thus moving to a next level, a next stage.

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These are the frontiers in our lives which serves as our goals, our destinations, of which we need to go to. But what happens most of the time is that we just keep on seeing  these things as the end point or the end line of which we need to stop and we need to put a halt to our aggressive streak towards greatness.

This is what makes us wrong. This  is why we are too much denied of the greatness that we all have because we are impeding ourselves from achieving greatness. We are too scared to face the unknown and we do not want to go beyond the frontiers, because we see these frontiers as the ultimate destination, as the ultimate place that we can go to and that nothing is beyond that, well, because it is our frontiers.

Well this is wrong. Yes, they may be the ultimate place where we can go to, but trust me, there is more than that. Do not be afraid to venture into the unknown, risk things up, because life is like this. Life is all about taking the risk, and learning  to risk yourself, because when you succeed on it, it is truly  rewarding.

I do believe that we need to be brave, to be courageous, and that we need to move ourselves ever higher. We must dream big, we must not put a limit on ourselves. We must be patient though, because if not, what happens is that we will become too much troubled because we just move on without  having to prepare for it.

Plan each and every step of the way, because it is this planning that we can see that we are more than this, that we are greater than this. It is in the going beyond the frontiers, to mind you, that these frontiers are the ultimate places, so once you have go beyond this frontier, you are saying to yourself that you are greater than it, because you have conquered it, you have went beyond it.

This just increases your confidence, your self confidence, and I am very sure that this is the one that will propel you towards having the life of your dreams, towards being the one who can experience the blissfulness and the prosperity of life.



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