Month: February 2016

Learning from Your Experiences

Our experiences are the ones that teaches us on what to do. They are our teachers that guides us through life because it lets us experience the things that we need to experience in order to grow, to mature, and refrain from doing the wrong things, simply because we have experienced it ourselves.

experiences photo

Learn from your experiences because through this, will you see the truth of life, the reality of life and of the world, that you need to learn and to experience it before hand, before you do something in the future.

Wisdom plays a vital role in this because learning from your experiences teaches you the things that you should do next time. It may be that you are thinking  and confused  on what you need to do to pass  your exam. Do you need to cheat, or do you need to study? The answer lies on you.

It may be that you have already experienced cheating, and because of it, you thought of opting out that option because possibly, when you cheat, you will then again be caught by your teacher, just like what happened before. So here, you can see that you refrain on doing something if you think that it will result to something bad or something negative. So might as well just study for your exam, or for your test.

This is the principle of life, this is the one which guides us and enables us too improve and harness our skill of discernment, wherein we are able to know what is right from wrong, and that through this learning right from wrong, we create a better world.


The Whirlpool of Time

We  are living in a world, in a universe that goes in tandem with time.

Time is the one thing which serves as a measurement of whatever we do, and unknown to us we are travelling through not only space itself, but also through  time itself.

Time is what enables us to see the beauty of this world, the wonder of this world, of this universe, because this is  the reality of everything.

time photo

Space and time are the two fundamental ingredients of reality. Space is what we see, what we feel, what we touch, what we experience, and  what we live on. Time is what we live in, where we flow on, what we do, time is ourselves.

I do believe that this is a topic which is very deep, a topic which is incomprehensible to the human mind, that even I, is having a very hard time on thinking of what am I writing, but fortunately there came a grasp of bright light that have flickered on my hypothalamus.

The whirlpool of time which I am referring to is the one which enables us to see the reality of things in this universe, and that things are happening due to the interconnection of this reality that I am referring to. As we live our lives, we are interacting with space, and this is the most obvious part of it, but unknown to us, subconsciously, we are interacting with time, more.


Having Good Time and Bad Times

Of course,  our lives are not perfect.  Sometimes, we get to experience the good times, sometimes we get to experience the bad times.

happy photo

This is  normal and  in whichever we may find our selves situated  in, let us not forget that we are only there for a temporary moment in time.  What  we need to do is that we should be able to prepare ourselves to  whatever what may happen, because we will never know on what will happen to us.

The odds may turn on us or sometimes it maybe on our favor.  This is the reality of life, the truth of life, of which we  should take notice of. Let us savor the good times that we have, make the most out of it, be happy, have fun, and release all  your  problems because this is the time for  you to enjoy.

On the other hand, if you are having bad times, what you need to do is that you should not be procrastinating, well, it is normal to worry, but you should be optimistic, you should see it within yourself that you are going to get over this challenge, this problem, this trial in your life, because this will not happen to you forever. You can solve this, and that you can do something  with it. Do not surrender, do not give up, do not give up the  fight, because this is the thing that will enable you to be better and to be more than who you really are.


Venturing into the Oblivion

We may never know what the future has in store for us. We may never know what will happen to us in the future. We do not know the future and we will never see the future, but  there is tat something that we can do, and that is by forecasting it.

journey photo

Well we need to do forecasting simply by having a goal, a plan, a destination, a success route to which we can go beyond the unknown and see the beauty unfold right in front of our very selves when we finally get into the  oblivious future.

Oblivion means the uncertainty of what lies ahead of us, which is why we need to be capable of preparing ourselves, readying ourselves, and seeing to it that we are here for a purpose and that we are here for something greater, we are here to show to the world that we can make it and that w can conquer whatever problems and challenges there is, simply because we believe in ourselves.

We need to not be scared of what lies ahead of us, because we have been living our lives just like that. We may not know it but we are  doing it right now. We are moving forward through time and we do not know what will happen to us tomorrow,  next week, next month, or next year, or whatever time that is. Well, we may have some insights but time just makes us see the world differently, and that it can  change and vary greatly.


Going Beyond Frontiers

We are living in a world that has limits, and that each limit has its own purpose because these limits are the ones that stop us  so that we can still perfect ourselves before we go to the next stage of our lives, thus moving to a next level, a next stage.

journey photo

These are the frontiers in our lives which serves as our goals, our destinations, of which we need to go to. But what happens most of the time is that we just keep on seeing  these things as the end point or the end line of which we need to stop and we need to put a halt to our aggressive streak towards greatness.

This is what makes us wrong. This  is why we are too much denied of the greatness that we all have because we are impeding ourselves from achieving greatness. We are too scared to face the unknown and we do not want to go beyond the frontiers, because we see these frontiers as the ultimate destination, as the ultimate place that we can go to and that nothing is beyond that, well, because it is our frontiers.

Well this is wrong. Yes, they may be the ultimate place where we can go to, but trust me, there is more than that. Do not be afraid to venture into the unknown, risk things up, because life is like this. Life is all about taking the risk, and learning  to risk yourself, because when you succeed on it, it is truly  rewarding.

I do believe that we need to be brave, to be courageous, and that we need to move ourselves ever higher. We must dream big, we must not put a limit on ourselves. We must be patient though, because if not, what happens is that we will become too much troubled because we just move on without  having to prepare for it.